Magic Sealer

Let your walls come alive with our colours.


Sealer Primer Stain Killer

Apollo’s MAGIC SEALER- SEALER PRIMER STAIN KILLER is a high-performance sealer which is ideally suitable for application on exterior surfaces and also on interior surfaces as primer (after application of White Cement Based Wall Putty). It is highly recommended to use MAGIC SEALER on smooth surfaces before application of Apollo’s Sparkle Heavy Duty Floor Coat which will provide exceptional adhesion.


 Seals and provides waterproofing

 Improves coverage of finish coat

 Good impregnation

 Acts as good sealer for Exposed wire cut bricks and stones

 No primer required

 Alkali & Salt resistant

 Ideal Prime Coat to stop pre-painted surfaces where flaking and powdering is observed

 Reduces brush lines and increases coverage of finished coat when applied after wall putty