Wood Primer Water Thinnable

Apollo Paints Aqua wood Primer (water thinnable) incorporates the latest silicon enriched state-of-the-art technology which makes the primer waterproof and hence protects the wood. It gives more coverage unlike the conventional alkyd based wood Primers.


Aqua (silicon Enriched) Wood Primer

  • 50% more Coverage
  • Water required for thinning and cleaning brush
  • High Opacity
  • Easy Brushing

Regular Solvent thinnable Wood Primer

  • Low Coverage
  • Turpentine required for thinning and cleaning brush
  • Low Opacity
  • Brushing not easy
  • Easy brushing (No drag as in the case of oil base Wood Primer).
  • Brushes can be easily cleaned with water. Hence brush life increases two fold.
  • More Coverage (50% more than regular Wood Primer).
  • Does not yellow as in the case of oil base Wood Primer.
  • Eco friendly as no solvents are released from the system to atmosphere.
  • It is based on unique co-polymers cross linked with special additives.
  • Thinning with water (Not more than 20%). Hence considerable saving on mineral turpentine.

Aqua (Silicon enriched) Synthetic Wood Primer: Sand the surface with 180 emery paper and wipe clean. Mix wood primer with not more than 150 to 200 ml of water per liter. Apply one coat liberally and sand the same with 320 emery paper after 4 hours before applying top coat.

Pack size availability: 20ltr, 10ltr, 4ltr, 1ltr, 500ml

Non - flammable