About Us

We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children ~ Native American Saying

Only when we stand for something of everlasting value today, we can leave behind a positive legacy for tomorrow. At Apollo Paints, we firmly believe that companies and their values should be measured more by their environmental and social impact, than by economic parameters alone. This ethos of Apollo Paints from our inception till date, stems from the vision of our Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Baleri and percolates into every aspect of the organization.

At Apollo Paints, we have always taken a consistent and cognizant call to manufacture and produce some of India’s finest Green products in the Paint Industry, benefitting all our stake holders – The employees who help manufacture our paints, the distributors and dealers who enable our reach, the painters and applicators who deal with lesser health hazards thanks to our lead-free (remove comma) and eco-friendly options and the discerning consumer who opts for a greener world by buying us.

An ever-expanding line of eco-friendly paints are rolled out from our new world-class manufacturing plant in Dabaspet Industrial Corridor, located near the outskirts of Bangalore. What makes our plant special is the complete adherence to the Environment and alignment to the Green Codes of the Country. No industrial waste water flows out of our ‘ZERO DISCHARGE’ plant that is certified with “ORANGE” category by the ‘Pollution Control Board’; a distinct difference from most paint factories that carry a “RED” category certification! Consistent compliance to a pollution-free production has gifted us the Singapore Green Council Certification, a first for the Paint Industry in India.

We adhere to strict policies that ensure world-class Quality & Consistency. We are a ISO 9001-2015 & ISO 14001-2015 certified entity having automated systems that monitor, optimize and control the production process right from the initial stage to the dispatch stage. All our products are packed and stored as per international standards. With a production capacity of over 10000 MT and an installed capacity of 15000 MT, we are future-ready for expansion and dynamically poised for organic growth.

As a proud “Make In India” company, our ECO +Radiance and Eco +Jazz, Aqua range of Water based Wood & Metal Primers and the Aqua Satin & Glossy Enamels – the Eco friendly Low VOC odour-less paints are proof of our commitment to excellence and our passion for green innovation. The PAINT AND PRIMER IN ONE, the “WONDERGUARD”, an “Apollo Paints Special” coating has set a new benchmark in the industry. As part of our ongoing innovation, we have introduced Sparkle Floor Coat, Tile Style, Brite Ceiling White and Pride Gold, all of which have helped us retain & increase our market presence. Our consumer research on “What the Market Needs” resulted in the “Stay Cool” solution, which is waterproof and provides cooler interiors, a 2-in-1 product that is creating waves in the market.

We are geared to unveil few more new eco-friendly products this year, and looking forward to take our journey to newer and more exciting heights with you.

We are proud to have taken this long and rather tougher route to ethical and environmentally sustainable growth as a brand, even when faster and more profitable but less eco-friendly options had always been available to us.

Our consistent and ecologically ethical approach has resulted in an increase in the number of green warriors, who share our passion and ideology. The Apollo Paints family now has an ever-increasing number of passionate Dealers, Partners and Retailers who appreciate our undiluted vision of eco-friendliness and sustainability and who have been chiefly instrumental in our rapid expansion into new markets. We are now poised to expand from a mere regional player to a formidable category player with a Pan-Indian footprint.