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Repellent Paint Additive

Apollo insta care mosquito repellent paint additive is a 100% natural additive made out of natural plant extracts which repels mosquitos, when mixed with emulsion paint and applied, making your home mosquito safe.


 Family safe since it is a 100% natural plant extract.

 Repels mosquito and saves inmates from mosquito related diseases.

 Compatible with all range of Interior Emulsions & water based paints.

 Apollo Mosquito Repellent paint additive can be used for any Interior Emulsions of any company.

 Repellent properties effective on the walls for a maximum of one year. After one year, to extend the effectiveness of repellent properties, additive can be added to Apollo’s Magic Sealer in the recommended ratio & dilution, apply as a coating on the wall.

 Apollo Mosquito Repellent can be used on any
company’s already painted interior walls, by mixing & diluting as per recommended ratio with Apollo’s Magic Sealer and applied.