Aqua TUF Water Thinnable

Let your walls come alive with our colours.


100% PU Water Thinnable

AquaTuf 100% PU Enamel is a new generation, hi-performance water based enamel that provides a smooth, luxurious finish to your doors, windows, gates, grills and interior wood where, a high gloss finish is required with long durability.


 100% PU Hi Gloss Enamel — Aqua PU Enamel gives you a High Gloss finish which is higher than any other water based enamel present in the market.

 Low VOC Low Odour — Leaves no smell hence Safe.

 Highly Washable — Aqua PU enamel provides you more than 100 thousand wash cycles which means it is the perfect enamel for wood & metal surfaces.

 Non Yellowing – Regular oil base enamels turns to pale yellow over a period of time. Aqua PU Enamel has an added non-yellowing feature and ensures your shades remain the same for years.

 Quick Drying — Aqua PU Enamel becomes touch dry in approximately 30 minutes. Painting with Aqua PU Enamel takes only half the time to finish the job as compared to regular oil base enamels.