Aropex Wonderguard Pu+

Let your walls come alive with our colours.


PU Enriched – Waterproof – Hi Build EXTERIOR EMULSION Primerless Finish

WONDERGUARD PU+ is a Luxury category exterior emulsion, which is waterproof, dirt resistant,
primerless and supplied in “ready to use” consistency.

It is a specially formulated primerless paint that imparts excellent bonding with the surface and high
DFT. The PU component of the paint imparts excellent durability/ long life and sheen to the paint


 PU Enriched (Dirt Shield)


 High DFT

Warranty: Long Lasting with 10 year Performance Warranty


On exterior plastered surfaces.



Ensure that the plaster is completely dry and thoroughly clean, free from dust, flakes etc. For repainting surface with algae growth require thoroughly cleaning using Apollo’s Cleanex, diluted with equal quantity of water and apply with brush or roller. After 45 to 60 minutes, wash with water so that the surface is completely free from algae or any growth. If the surface has the tendency of repeated algae growth, use Apollo’s Bio-Wash diluted with equal volume of water and apply on surface which will inhibit further growth of algae.

Application on new surface: Directly apply two coats of Wonderguard PU+ without diluting with water. Apply third coat on horizontal surface for added protection. Avoid direct sunlight for better coverage.

Application on previously painted surface: Apply only one coat of Wonderguard PU+ without dilution, if the previously painted surface is of almost similar colour. In case of change in colour, then add 200ml of water and apply two coats. Allow interval of 4 hours between successive coats. Apply third coat on horizontal surfaces for added protection.


a. For cracks: For filling cracks upto 3mm, use Apollo’s Instacare Crack Lock.
b. For holes & dents: Incase of dents and holes, use Apollo’s Wallgrace putty or white cement and fine sand in the ratio of 1:3.


For better maintenance of the surface, ensure proper cleaning of any algal or fungal growth at a regular interval of 6 months.


** Coverage depends on many factors like surface conditions, surface preparation, application skill, weather conditions, dilution etc. The coverage mentioned is under ideal conditions and will vary depending on site conditions and surface finish such as Sand Face, Pebble Dash, Rough Cast and Steel Trowel.



 Keep the container tightly closed to prevent drying.

 Shake well before use and do not over dilute.

 Do not apply when ambient temperature is less than 10°C or if the temperature might drop
to this level within 4 hours of application.

 Please keep out of reach of children and away from food stuff.

 Incase of contact with eyes, was immediately with water and seek medical advice.

 Use 1 or 2 coats of Bio-Wash for killing fungal growth.

 For deeper shade, apply 1 additional coat.


Before painting, the following should be checked thoroughly:

 Ph value of the wall surface (Ideal condition between 7-10)

 Moisture content of the wall (Ideal condition – below 10-12%)