Insta Care Damp Guard

Let your walls come alive with our colours.


Exterior Sealer.

Apollo PaintsInsta Care Damp Guard Exterior Sealeris a Silicon enriched; fiber reinforced elastomeric water proofing coating for exterior surfaces.

Performance Features: Insta Care Damp Guard is ideally formulated with Water proof properties.


 Fiber Reinforced.

 High film builds.

 Silicon Enriched – ensures robust defense.

 Elasto Technology – Adapts & flexes with the structure.

 Abrasion resistant.

 Anti-alkali – Defends against corrosive elements.

 Anti-carbonation – Prolongs the life of the surface.

 Good Adhesion with temperature reducing properties.

Usage area: Building roofs/terraces, all exterior masonry surfaces susceptible to water ingress, parapet walls, exterior vertical walls. Damp Guard can be applied on cementations surfaces for waterproofing.

Warranty: 8 Years


Cleaning: Ensure the surface to be waterproofed is free from any loose particles,dust or grease. Any previous growthof fungus, algae or moss needs to be removed thoroughly. It is recommended to use intense wire brushing or high-speed water jet for thorough cleaning.


a). Cracks: For filling cracks, up to 3mm use Apollo’s InstaCare Crack Lock.

b). For Holes & Dents: In case of dents and holes use Apollo’s Wall Grace White Cement based putty or combination of white cement and fine sand in the ratio 1:3.


Please Note: For all terrace &horizontal surfaces, three coats of Insta Care Damp Guard compulsory.

Terrace & Horizontal Surface:

First Coat: Apply a self-priming coat of Apollo paints Insta Care Damp Guard diluted with potable water in a 3:1 ratio. (Three parts of Damp Guard, one part of water)

Second Coat: Apply second coat of Apollo paints Insta Care Damp Guard without dilution, applying in a vertical direction.

Third Coat: Apply third coat of Apollo paints Insta Care Damp Guard without dilution, applying in a horizontal direction.

Allow a minimum of 5-6 hours gap between coats to dry.


Vertical Surface:

Please Note: for all vertical walls Two Coats is Sufficient.

First Coat: Apply a self-priming coat of Apollo paints Insta Care Damp Guard diluted with potable water in a 3:1 ratio. (Three parts of Damp Proof, one part of water)

Second Coat: Apply second coat of Apollo paints Insta Care Damp Guard without dilution, applying in a vertical direction.

Precautions / Maintenance Tips:

 Do not apply during extreme temperature conditions or during rainy season.

 Corners and joints of drain pipes, channels etc. to be fortified with cement sand mortar prior to coating application.

 Do Not Over Dilute.

 Avoid system abuses which may lead to puncturing of membrane.

 For best results, strictly follow the dilution & forced coverage requirements.


On Terrace / Horizontal Surface
Number of CoatsCoverage per coat

By Brush / Roller Application
Three CoatsFirst Coat 12 - 14 sq ft/ltr.
Second & Third Coat 13 - 15 sq ft/ltr (Approx.)


On Vertical Surface
Number of CoatsCoverage per coat
By Brush / Roller ApplicationTwo CoatsFirst Coat 30 - 35 sq ft/ltr.
Second Coat 30 - 35 sq ft/ltr (Approx.)


RE - PAINTING Vertical SurfaceNumber of CoatsCoverage per coat
By Brush / Roller ApplicationSingle Coat30 – 35 sq ft/ltr (Approx.)

**Coverage depends on many factors like surface conditions, surface preparation, application skill, weather conditions, dilution etc. The coverage mentioned is under ideal conditions and will vary depending up on site conditions.


1ThinningPotable Water7Gloss Level7 - 10 @600 GH
2Thinning RatioFirst Coat: Maximum of 350ml of water per one liter of Paint.
Note: Second & Third coats No Dilution.
8Flash Point100% water –based paint, hence NA
3Thinning Ratio for Vibrant/ Dark shadesNA9Recommended Surface Building roofs/terraces, parapet walls, Sunshades, Exterior Vertical walls.
4Method of applicationBrush or Roller10W.P.L (Weight Per Liter)1.280+/- 0.03
5Drying TimeSD:5 to 6 hours11Fire Hazard ClassNon - flammable
6Pot life of thinned materialUse within 24hrs12Safety DataRefer MSDS

Shelf life: 3 years from date of manufacture in original tightly closed containers away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

Safety Measures:

Keep out of reach of children and away from eatables.

Please refer to the product related MSDS which is available on request.

May be harmful if swallowed. In case of ingestion seek immediate medical attention.

Wear eye protection during application. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

In case of skin contact, immediately wash skin with soap and plenty of water. Get medical attention if irritation develops or persists.

Do not breathe vapour or spray. It is recommended to wear suitable nose pad during sanding and surface preparation to avoid dust inhalation.

Do not pour leftover paint down the drain or in water courses.

No added Lead, Mercury or Chromium compounds.


Do not apply when ambient temperature is less than 100C or if the temperature might drop to this level within 4 hrs of application.

Do not apply when humidity is greater than 90%. It may cause prolonged drying time of paint and moisture condensation on the walls.

In high humidity areas, use of a Bio-wash solution is recommended to remove surface fungus growth, fungal spores, mould, etc. before application of the paint system.

Stir well & strain before use. Tinted paints need thorough shaking immediately after tinter added as well as before use.

For best performance, ensure that the surface is dry. The moisture level on the wall should be less than 16%. If the moisture level is more than the recommended level. Find out the source of water and address it before painting.

Use diluted materials within 48 hours.

Keep the left-over paint container tightly closed to prevent drying.


Before painting the following things should be checked thoroughly::

1.pH value of the wall surface (Ideal condition between 7-10).

2. Moisture content of the wall (Ideal condition –below 10-12%).

If these are violated, Company will not be responsible.

*As per test conducted at Apollo R&D.

DISCLAIMER: The product information & application details given by the company & its agents has been provided in good faith & meant to serve only as a general guideline during usage. Users are advised to carry out tests & take trials to ensure on suitability of products meeting their requirements prior to full scale usage of our products. Since the correct identification of problems, quality of other materials used and on- site workmanship are factors beyond our control, there are no expressed or implied guarantee / warranty as to the results obtained. The company does not assume any liability or consequential damage for unsatisfactory results arising from the use of our products.